What if I already checked in for the last user operations run, have a valid badge and all my required training is up to date? Do I still need to go to the VUE Center to be checked in, or can I go straight to the User Facility?

If you already have a valid badge with proximity access and your training is up to date, you can either enter SLAC in the “SLAC ID” lane at the Sand Hill Road Main Gate, or swipe your badge if you’re coming through the Alpine Gate, and proceed to your destination.

Most user ID badges/proximity access expire at the end of the current fiscal year (September 30th), so if you have an experiment planned from October to next September and haven't already checked in at the VUE Center, please review the access requirements before traveling to SLAC, particularly for non-U.S. citizens as these have changed (access requirements for foreign nationals).

If you don’t have an active badge, please use the Main Gate as you will not be able to access Alpine Gate. All users need to provide valid government-issued ID and check in with the VUE Center to obtain proximity access. Important:  Failure to comply with requirements will impact your ability to access SLAC facilities. 

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