Institutional Agreements Required to Access User Facilities at DOE National Laboratories

A User Agreement is required for all users and MUST be executed by the appropriate officer(s) at the user's institution BEFORE users can access our user facilities or participate in any experiments at SLAC. A single DOE User Agreement covers all experimenters from that institution for research conducted at the LCLS and SSRL. A separate agreement or addendum must be signed for access to the CryoEM Facility.   Hence, the signing official must have the authority to complete the user agreement on behalf of their scientists. The institution official is often the Dean, President, Vice President or Director of Research, Development, Administration, Contracts, Grants, Sponsored Programs, or Technology Transfer.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Please review the general comments that answer frequently asked questions. Requests for deviations must be approved by SLAC/Stanford and the DOE which will likely delay or prevent user access to the user facility. The three-star articles (V-XVI) in the user agreement are non-negotiable. Nothing can be negotiated on those articles, and nothing much can be further negotiated in the rest of the agreement.  In instances where appropriate, Work for Others (WFOs) or Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) may be alternative types of agreements.

►SSRL/LCLS User Agreements — send completed agreements to Azeb Amii, VUE Center Coordinator, (650) 926-4922 or Cathy Knotts, Manager, SSRL User Research Administration, (650) 926-3191 (alternate)

(For general use research; no cost for access)
(For Confidential or Proprietary Research; requires advance payment. Review conditions and requirements)
Consent to Renew NPU *
(NPU agreements may only be extended if no changes were made to the DOE template agreement and if the Written Consent to Renew document is signed and returned by authorized institution official before the existing NPU agreement expires)


►Cryo-EM — send completed agreements to Cathy Knotts, Manager, SSRL User Research Administration, (650) 926-3191. (Note: Proposals for the S2C2 program are covered by the SSRL/LCLS umbrella agreement)

CryoEM Facility Access Agreement
(For access to CryoEM Facility when no other User Agreement with SLAC is currently in effect)
CryoEM Addendum to User Agreement
(For CryoEM access when a User Agreement covering experiments at the LCLS and SSRL is currently in effect. Note: The addendum is not needed for CryoEM experiments submitted through the S2C2 program.)

Check the list below to confirm if a current user agreement exists with your institution, or contact us for assistance.


User Agreements Executed With These User Institutions

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