See SSRL User Shipments for forms and more information on shipping items to and from SSRL. Users shipping dewars for use on SSRL macromolecular crystallography beam lines should use the Shipping Dewars to SSRL Form on the SMB User Shipments page.

See LCLS User Shipments for forms information on shipping items to and from LCLS.Shipping Equipment and Materials to SLAC (see below for international export requirements for shipments from SLAC)

Facility Shipping Contacts

LCLS - Sallie Spencer (650-926-8933, LCLS User Shipments
SSRL - Duty Operator (650-926-4040)
Cryo-EM - Megan Mayer (650-926-4670) / Tina Gee, (650-926-6283)

SLAC Shipping Manager Sandra Pickrom (650-926-4247)


Express packages are delivered to the SLAC Receiving Department at 10:00 AM Monday - Friday (excluding holidays), and subsequently delivered to the user facility. SLAC does not assume any liability for your equipment or materials. COD packages cannot be accepted. Due to a lack of storage space, we request that your equipment and/or materials not be sent more than one week before needed for set up for your scheduled experiment. Users also have option of having their package held for their pick up at FedEx/UPS.

For a time sensitive delivery, contact SLAC Security. The package may be accepted at SLAC's main gate and the requester will be notified to pick up the item (bring your SLAC ID to pick up the item).

Several carriers provide shipping services to/from SLAC, including Federal Express, Airborne Express, UPS and several trucking companies. Unless otherwise specified users are expected to assume full responsibility for the accuracy and cost of these shipments.

Hazardous Materials Shipments

Users should consult with a materials specialist at their home institution for instructions regarding the proper shipping and handling of hazardous materials. Supply an MSDS for all hazardous materials in shipment. All hazardous materials, including radioactive materials, shipped to or from SLAC must be packaged and handled according to U.S. Department of Transportation regulations, or IATA dangerous good regulations (as applicable) if being shipped from overseas. Shipments that fail to comply with these federally mandated regulations will be returned to the user's home institution unopened. See SSRL's Safety webpage for information and forms regarding transportation and handling of radioactive samples.

International Shipments

  • International shipments can involve duty or taxes on items shipped. For international shipments, users are encouraged to work with their international shipping company to prepare a carnet and pay fees directly. We encourage users to retain a copy of their carnet and ensure that all shipping documents are accurate and consistent.

See contact below for international shipments or freight forwarding. For FedEx imports, we recommend checking the Broker Select Option (BSO) on the shipping forms and entering the following Broker information:

Green Worldwide Shipping LLC
433 Airport Blvd., Suite 310
Burlingame, CA  94010
Tel:  650-348-2211
Email: (link sends e-mail)

If users do not select the Broker Select Option (BSO), FedEx international shipping services automatically default to broker-inclusive, meaning that FedEx serves as the shipment’s customs broker.

When you choose FedEx International Broker Select Option, the shipment will be sent to the customs-approved in-bond location nearest to the broker you are working with, which could take up to 24-72 hours depending on the high volume of packages.


User Shipments Outside of the US (International Export Requirements)


At the end of your experiment, if you plan to ship samples, equipment or other scientific items from SLAC back to your international institution or to another location outside of the US, complete a Power of Attorney form for the Individual  or Group that is responsible for and will receive the shipment. Once the Power of Attorney has been signed, it will remain in effect until revoked by user or SLAC. We recommend that user groups (Spokesperson/PI), designate a representative (lead contact) who will coordinate your shipment. All exports must be approved by Stanford. Delays in providing this information will delay your shipment.

For each item that users will ship to or from SLAC, it is essential that complete and detailed descriptions (including the manufacturer and url for product details when applicable) as well as the actual values of each item be included -- and be consistent -- on all shipping documents. Please retain a copy of the carnet and provide a copy of this or other shipping documents (e.g., shipping manifest, pro-forma invoice, etc.) to the SLAC representative assisting you.

By providing this information, you are certifying your concurrence with these Terms and Conditions:

  • The user certifies that information resulting from use of SLAC User Facilities will not be used to support, directly or indirectly, the design, development, production, stockpiling or use of a nuclear explosive device, chemical or biological weapons, or missiles;
  • The user understands that SLAC will only return materials, samples and other items used in the conduct of SLAC User research - individuals will be responsible for the return of all other items;
  • The user assumes responsibility for the handling and use of any proprietary export controlled items or technical data brought to or generated at SLAC while those items or technical data are on SLAC premises;
  • The user understands that SLAC is only serving as the international user's agent in the return of research materials to a location outside of the US and that return shipment is a "routed export transaction" for the purposes of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Under a routed export transaction, the exporter (SLAC) obtains a written authorization from the "foreign principal party in interest" (the international user) usually in the form of a Power of Attorney (Individual /Group) whereby the international user assumes responsibility for determining (with the help of SLAC/Stanford) licensing requirements and obtaining an export license if necessary.


For more information or assistance with user exports, LCLS users should contact  Sallie Spencer. SSRL macromolecular crystallography and biological small angle scattering users should contact Lisa Dunn; other SSRL xray/vuv users should contact Cathy Knotts.


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