Clean Up Work Areas

Before you leave, please allow time to clean up after your experiment.

  • Return borrowed items (items not returned may be billed to your user financial account).
  • Remove food from instrument areas and kitchens; dispose of it outside of user facility buildings.
  • Clean all equipment and sample materials from work spaces and sample preparation labs.
  • Return beam line/instrument hutches and work spaces to the condition you found them.

Ship Equipment

To arrange to have your equipment returned to your home institution, please contact facility shipping staff. Contact user services for international shipping/export requirements.

Return Dosimeter

If issued, please drop your dosimeter off at the badging office or at the main security gate before you leave.

Provide Feedback

Feedback from your experience is extremely important to us and helps us to continue improving our servicees as well as to meet mission requirements for assessment and reporting. After completing each scheduled experiment, please submit an End of Run Survey through the user portal.

Acknowledge Us in Presentations and Publications

Please acknowledge SLAC's user facilities, the DOE Office of Science and other funding agencies in presentations and publications using the formats posted on the SSRL, LCLS, FACET webpages.

Alert Us About Publications, Patents, Theses & Major Awards

We need your help to keep up-to-date listings of major user awards, patents, publications (including peer-reviewed journal papers, book chapters, conference proceedings and theses) based on use of our facilities. This information allows us to demonstrate the scientific achievements and productivity of our user facilities.

Please contact the facility's User Office before your experiment results are about to be published so that we can track publications related to the user facility as well as work with you to highlight user research and communicate exciting results to a broader audience.

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