To Enter SLAC You Must Have ID and Your Safety Training Must Be Current.

Badge and Access

Ensure all of your online and in-person training is completed, so that you can obtain a SLAC ID badge and proximity access card. When you arrive at SLAC, please bring your original identifying documents and check in at the VUE Center.

For more information, see the SLAC Site Security webpage.


Typically, a dosimeter is only issued to users who will be working in a radiologically controlled area. You may obtain a dosimeter, if needed, at the time you receive your badge. Check with the SSRL, LCLS, or FACET Safety Officer if you have questions.

Practical Training

Depending on your proposed experiment and the facility you are visiting, you may be required to complete additional practical training.

Sample Preparation Labs

Sample Preparation Laboratories are available for SSRL, LCLS and CryoEM users. The wet lab facillities support final stage sample preparations and straight-forward laboratory manipulations in biology, chemistry, materials science and the geosciences. Training is required.

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