How can I use the user facilities?

The first step to access the user facilities is to submit a proposal. Proposals are peer reviewed, and the ratings are the primary criteria used to determine which proposals will be allocated time to use the facilities.

What happens if I get to SLAC late at night or on the weekends?

If you have a valid badge and your training and proximity access is up to date, then you should be able to swipe and go. Otherwise, you need to arrive weekdays during working hours.

What if I arrive and I’ve forgotten to take my training and my badge has expired?

We recommend that you take your online training before you arrive as it will save you time. However, in the event that you can’t, then please enter SLAC through the Main Gate (as your badge won’t let you access Alpine Gate) and come to User Services in the VUE Center.   Online training can be taken in the training room and, once complete, you can receive your badge and be on your way.

How do I know if my training has expired and if I need to retake it before I come?

To avoid headaches, check if your training is up to date before you get here by logging into the User Portal and from the ‘Welcome Page’ click on ‘Review SLAC training and access requirements' , then scroll down to check your training and proximity expiration dates.  If you need to take online training, we recommend you do it before you get here so you can maximize your time at the facility.

What if I already checked in for the user operations run, have a valid badge and all my required training is up to date?

If you already have a valid badge with proximity access and your training is up to date, you can either enter SLAC in the “SLAC ID” lane at the Sand Hill Road Main Gate, or swipe your badge if you’re coming through the Alpine Gate, and proceed to your destination.

What happens to User Research Administration at the facility?

Each of the user facilities continues to have User Research Administration (URA) support at the facility:

LCLS’s User Research Administration Manager, Leilani Conradson, supported by Paul Jones and Brittany Lemesh.
SSRL (and CryoEM) User Research Administration Managers, Cathy Knotts and Lisa Dunn.
FACET and Test Beam Facilities user registrations are handled by Azeb Ami in the VUE Center.

What are the hours of operation for the VUE Center and its services?

User services, including badging, are generally available Monday to Friday 7 am-4 pm (closed on holidays):

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