Do I need to wear a dosimeter?

The law requires radiation dose measurements for individuals working in areas where they may exposed to radiation; see dosiimetry and radiological environmental protection FAQ. You are required to wear a dosimeter while working in or visiting areas that are defined as:

What mechanisms are available to provide feedback to the facilities?

We welcome and encourage user feedback. Users can provide feedback by contacting their User Administrator or SLAC Beam Line Point of Contact. Additionally, SSRL and LCLS users are asked to complete the end-of-run survey after each scheduled experiment, log in to the user portal to review scheduled experiments and submit a survey . User feedback helps us to continue to improve our service and to meet DOE reporting requirements.

How do I get more information or get more involved in issues of interest to the user community?

The user facilities have user’ organizations that broadly represent the scientific user community to management and to the general public.

Who should I inform about my research publications?

Contact your User Administrator and SLAC scientific contact whenever exciting results are about to be published. We can work with users and the SLAC Office of Communications to develop the story and to communicate user research findings to a much broader audience. Information on user publicaitons is extremely important as metrics of scientific achievements and productivity as well as meeting reporting requirements to our funding agencies.

How do I find or contact a specific individual at SLAC?

To find contact information for individuals at SLAC, reference the SLAC directory or the Stanford University directory. SLAC Security Officers (650-926-2551) may also provide general telephone assistance.

What should I do in case of an accident, injury or emergency while at SLAC?

In the event of an emergency or life threatening situation while at SLAC, immediately call 911, then call SLAC extension 5555 from any SLAC telephone (650-926-5555). While at SLAC, also notify your SLAC Contact, Safety Officer, Duty Operator/Floor Coordinator. There is an Occupational Health Center at SLAC which is open Monday-Friday 8 AM-5 PM in Building 28, Room 11 for non-life threatening injury assistance, counseling and other wellness services.

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